Wireless Interface Streamlines Pipeline Inspections

Ratech Electronics recently debuted two of the latest technologies in their pipeline inspection camera systems. The Elite SD is a WiFi interface used to record and transmit videos wirelessly to your device (like an Ipad Air, Iphone, Ipod Touch, etc) and upload saved videos to Youtube directly. It also has the ability to take digital still photos and display onscreen text and distance count, as well as time & date. The product also works well with android devices and can work on every product Ratech is currently offering, as well as upgrade any existing unit in the field by simply having the customers send back their inspection units and the WiFi interface feature can be added at a low cost. The other product that the company debuted is the Inspector tablet, which in the demo was shown with 100 ft of cable. It records to a Microsoft Surface tablet and has a movable docking station which can also be rotated.
The use of tablets and other devices to record pipeline inspections is fast becoming more mainstream in the industry, and it has become increasingly important to offer WiFi options to eliminate the need for USB sticks, SD cards, DVD. Read more about it here

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