Wi-Fi sensors could streamline construction safety and production

In construction sites, where safety is of primary concern, wireless network (Wi-Fi) technology may soon be used to avoid hazards and save lives. This technology is currently being deployed in refineries and chemical plants where keeping track of the contractors that come in and ensuring that they stay within authorized zones can be hard to manage. Creating a Wi-Fi environment at the location with the use of ID tags, body-worn sensors and sensor stations allow for monitoring of air quality, movement, location and temperature. More sophisticated sensors can also be used to check personnel heart rates or body conditions, or monitor equipment and infrastructure for possible breakdowns. The analytics and queries that could be run using the data compiled by these sensors can not only predict possible common failures but also anticipate disruptive issues that may arise and allow for preventive maintenance to be undertaken. This could prevent or greatly reduce any downtime in the operation and provide lead time in ordering parts. Read the full article here…


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