When Your Employees Are Getting Poached

There are instances in the construction industry (or almost any industry basically) when competitors attempt to poach your employees by enticing them with better benefits or better pay, or a combination of both. Sometimes the attempt is successful, and sometimes it’s not. It’s useful to know what your rights are as an employer when it comes to these situations.
The first thing to consider is if the competitor is committing trespassing by entering a secured construction site without permission. If such is the case, then the police can be notified right away at the time of the infringement. The second thing is whether or not there is a non-competition clause in place between your company and the employee that should hinder them from working in a competitor’s business within a certain period of time as stated in the agreement. The agreement can be enforced on the employee as well as the competitor for compliance. And lastly, if the competitor has caused any interference between you and the contractor, or caused any delay or problems with your supplier or labor pool, you have the option to take legal course against them. Read the full article here…


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