When Construction Employees Turn Out to Be Superheroes

In July, two construction workers from different parts of the US performed lifesaving acts of bravery and became heroes. One of them was Derrick Johnson of McCrossan Construction Company in Minnesota. A young boy came into their construction site asking for help when he saw that an elderly man was being attacked by a pit bull, and Johnson immediately rushed to the scene and wrestled the dog off the man and subdued it until the police arrived.
The other inconspicuous superhero was Kevin Huntington in Virginia, where a young woman jumped off a car near a construction zone along I-95 and shouted for help. Huntington responded to her distress call alerting 911 upon the young woman’s request and proceeded to protect her when she informed him that a man was trying to kill her. He stayed with her until authorities arrived. The police later arrested the alleged assailant for kidnapping and sexual assault charges. These two men responded heroically without a moment’s pause. And though not all construction workers are like that (and frankly, not all men are like that)– but these two ordinary construction workers chose to respond to the circumstances extraordinarily. Read the full story here


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