What was Duke Energy thinking? Why it didn’t inspect the aging pipes at Dan River plant.

Spending $20,000 on a video pipe inspection could have saved Duke Energy $19 million dollars in repairs and remediation bills at the Dan River site in Virginia, as well as $102 in fines and other penalties due to the ash spill in 2014. Despite repeated requests from a senior project engineer and a program engineer to run a video inspection through four sixty year old pipes, the requests were denied.

The plan was to close the ash basin in 2013, but when the funding was denied for the inspections, an employee sent an email to the program engineer stating that, because they had to submit a plan one year before the close, and because they had not even started that, the employee did not feel the basins would close as planned and to reconsider. Duke Energy says it has learned it’s lessons from this costly mistake and is now taking more initiative to listen to employees and give them more say in decisions. There were many other factors at play with this disaster and you can click here to read the complete article…

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