What to look for when purchasing an EMF pipe and cable locator (Part 1)

An EMF pipe and cable locator is a vital tool for any pipeline company, and several factors must be considered before purchasing the instrument to ensure accuracy and appropriate application will maximize its full potential. With some great insights that he has gleaned from years of experience in the industry, Anthony Johnstone shares some helpful tips in choosing a locator which includes the type of equipment, the training that will be required of its operator/s and what kind of servicing the equipment will need. In this two-part series, we will first briefly discuss the types of equipment and tackle the training and services needed in the second part.
There are three main categories of locators based on their function: Cable avoidance products (which have very basic functions and could easily be operated by someone relatively new in the field), General locators (that have an increased number of controls available for more complex locations), and Specialized locators (which offer features unique to that machine and can greatly benefit certain types of work). Read more about it here

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