What is the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) & How Could It and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Impact Manufacturing?

The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), has some worried that because it allows the President to remove the tariffs on 11 countries, and would reduce the cost to manufacture products in these countries. This will impact any reshoring in the US, and ultimately impact the number of growing manufacturing jobs in the US, which will adversely affect the economy. The President is looking to expand the TPA and that has some companies on call deciding how to best handle this with the expected final call on the TPA being in 2016.

Because today’s manufacturing companies rely on high-tech equipment to run, they will need highly educated workers, and those workers cost money, so the appeal of offshore manufacturing to save money is even greater with this consideration. On the other hand, companies need to consider public outcry for companies that insist on continuing to manufacture outside the USA, with consumers preferring to do business with companies that are reshoring. To read more about the impact of the TPA on the economy and US jobs, you can click here…

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