Water authority to use ‘helium technique’ for leak detection

For leak detection throughout distribution networks in its Mumbai and Delhi projects, Kerala Water Authority (KWA) is studying the use of helium gas technology by Degremont India, a subsidiary of French company Suez Environment. This is set to be done before submitting a feasibility report within a month as part of its goal to recharge the Non-Revenue Water Management (NRWM) units. Compared to the smart ball technology they used previously that had cost Rs. 900-1000 a metre yet failed KWA’s requirement of detecting leaks in smaller pipelines, the helium gas leak detection project would only cost a small fraction of that at about Rs. 80-90 per metre and has the advantage of identifying the leaks even when deployed in small-size pipelines. Mr. Ajit B. Patil, Managing director of KWA said the helium gas technology leak-detection project would become an integral part of NRWM unit as it would help plug the large amount of physical water loss, which is one of the two components of non-revenue water (the other one being revenue loss).

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