Warning: Chinese steel imports could be safety threat

UK Steel and the British Association of Reinforcement and steel unions are expressing their growing concern with use of imported Chinese steel in construction in the UK for several reasons. Not only are the cheap imports being named as the cause for 720 job cuts in Tata’s steel works factory in South Yorkshire, it’s inadequate strength and quality is now being identified as a threat to construction safety. When additives (like boron) are included in the manufacture of Chinese steel, the manufacturer’s get a tax rebate since it will be classed as an alloy, but it also affects the material’s strength and makes it more likely to crack if the wrong welding technique is applied. Current regulations do not require steelmakers to specify the amount of boron added in their rebar (reinforced bar), which is mainly used to help fortify concrete. This means companies may not be aware that they are using weaker material and putting the safety of their structure and their personnel at risk. Construction firms are now being urged to only purchase steel whose provenance can be traced under the Charter for Sustainable British Steel campaign to ensure quality and construction safety standards are safeguarded. Click here to read the full article…


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