Utility Locating (Underground)

Utility locating is another location and detection method used to identify utility services underground. There are many kinds of utilities buried underground such as telephone lines, cable and TV lines, gas lines, electric lines and more. Using the right detection and location tools and method will not just save you some time but also minimize the danger involved in the underground business. For metals and other conductive materials buried beneath the ground, an electromagnetic equipment is often used. For non-conductive types such as PVC and fiberglass pipes types, Line Finders suggests the Vacuum Excavation Service as a method of choice in finding these utilities. The use of these modern technologies is recommended for underground works because maps are not 100% reliable. These machines can safely and accurately pinpoint the location of the utilities to minimize disruption. With state of the art technologies and unparalleled experience, Line Finders offers services in Utility Locating with a faster, better and safer method of excavation.

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