Use an underground cable locator to find buried cable

About 40 years ago, locating used to be about finding buried waters, gas or sewer lines. Now, the telecom companies have joined in on these underground activities. Underground repairs for ripped cables can be a very difficult task. Cables can be found on top of cables and finding the right cable can be a very tricky job.

Cable locators are quite helpful as they can pinpoint the location of cables in need of repair. Cables emit some electromagnetic frequencies that are traceable. With the help of locators, there is no longer any need for backhoes to unearth buried cables.

A cable locator generally has 2 parts, a receiver and a transmitter that can be set into a specific frequency of the cable. There are different ways of transmitting signal into a cable, passive signals, direct connect general induction and inductive coupling. A receiver picks up the signal in peak, null and differential. Interpreting these signals can tell you the depths and locations of cables underground.

These cable locators make wiring repairs of buried cables and finding sewer lines, gas and water easy. New models now have screens so reading can be made easier. Read more about it here

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