Understanding Locators 101

Digging in a job site requires careful consideration before the work commences. The ground underneath us is more contested then ever with utility lines, and so precautions must be taken to ensure there will be no costly or fatal mistakes. The first step to take before you dig is to call your states one call office and arrange for a one call contractor to check the site for utilities. While this is an important first step, sometimes the marks are not as accurate as needed, or there are privately owned lines that the contractor may be unaware of – these incidences will cost you time and money.

A solution that will save you time and money in the end is to invest in utility locating equipment. This equipment can double check the one call contractors work as well as find utilities that may have been missed. Locators work similar to when you tune into a radio, each utility sends off a different signal which the locator then picks up. These locators are not just for large contractors either, landscapers and smaller contractors that are working on private property have to be diligent watching for utility lines as well. Click here to read more about the different type of locating methods and equipment, as well as things you should consider when purchasing your locating equipment…

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