Tree Holes: Hazards or Harmless

Pay attention to the trees on your property, because failing to do so can result in expensive property damage, injuries or even death. Trees that are considered hazardous can have limbs break or the whole tree can fall to the ground during storms and high winds. Fortunately, there are indications that a tree is hazardous long before it causes damage. Warning signs include cracks in the trunks and major limps, hollows and areas that are decaying, and the presence of dead wood. Mushrooms growing from the base may indicate root decay; but be cautious as this is not always the case.

Activities such as removing or adding soil, digging or the use of heavy equipment under the spread of the trees branches can cause root death, and this should be noted because the tree can become unstable as a result. One of the most revealing clues that a tree is changing is the formation of a hollow and a professional should be consulted regarding cavity filling as it may not be necessary. To read more regarding safety around hazardous trees, please click here…

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