Top Ten Rooftop Safety Hazards

Falls are one of the highest incidents of accidents in a work site and so roof top safety in order to prevent these falls is paramount to a safe work zone. Identifying potential hazards and the use of fall protection equipment and harnesses will greatly reduce the chances of serious injuries when workers are on a roof top job. It’s everyone responsibility to look out for safety hazards and the first thing a worker should do is check to see if the roof is strong enough to support the weight of the workers and equipment – checking the underlayment is a must before work commences.

Many fatalities occur due to an improperly placed ladder, or workers not keeping in mind where the edge is. Weather conditions add to dangers with rain, ice and snow making for very slippery conditions so harnesses should be properly secured and the length of the lanyards checked so that they actually work. To read the complete list of things you can do to ensure the safety of workers from roof top falls, you can click here…

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