Top Ten OSHA Fines For Small Companies

All construction companies need a safety program, and while that seems like an obvious thing to state, many smaller construction companies – thinking that because they have only a few employees – don’t think they need such a program. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and it is not only large companies receiving citations and fines from OSHA, but small companies do as well. Simply put, a safety program is the law.

What are some of the things OSHA looks for? shares in it’s list of top ten OSHA fines the type of fine and the total fines collected. For small companies, the number one fine was ‘General Requirement’ with the average fine over $2000 dollars, and the number ten spot was reserved for ‘Hazard Communications’ with the average fine being $281. To make sure your small company is in the clear, and to see what OSHA looks for in a safety program – for all companies – you can click here…

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