Top 3 Technologies Changing the Construction Industry Right Now

Advances in modern technology have brought some groundbreaking changes in the productivity and competition within the construction industry, and they are continually being applied to existing processes to increase revenue and efficiency. One of the technologies that has brought about major changes in the industry is Modular Construction, where a room (or part of a structure) is pre-engineered and prefabricated in a factory and brought to the construction site for assembly. This type of construction can be quickly installed, and reduces the possibility of error and other safety hazards (since production is highly controllable). Another technology that’s making waves in construction is 3D Printing. The possibilities for this method are limited only to what the people in the industry can imagine/design, although a lot of people are hoping that less carbon-intensive alternatives becomes available soon compared to what is currently being used in both the manual and printed construction. And finally, the last branch of technology that has made an impact on construction processes is Robotics. A lot of companies are now moving towards site automation to make project completion faster, less hazardous and more profitable. Read the full article here…


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