Tips For Protecting Construction Workers Eyes In The Summer

The construction industry ranks second when it comes to the rate of eye injuries compared to other industries, and the number of days workers were away from work due to eye injuries totaled more then 25,000 in 2013. OSHA does require employers to provide safety eye wear and that it is properly fitted, and many construction sites actually go beyond OSHA’s recommendations. One eye safety consideration is the protection of eyes during the summer months, with the extreme sun glare, UV rays, and heat – there are special considerations for this time of year. Workers are also exposed to optical radiation and intense glare causing fatigue, dryness, and headaches; employers should look for eye protection that have lenses marked with an ‘L’ that states the product offers glare reduction.

Another cause of eye injuries is contact with foreign objects, and when workers are outside, wind can cause gusts of dust, particles, sawdust and even chemicals to fly into the eyes and in this case sealed eye glasses are ideal. To read the complete article about the importance of eye protection on the job, and the various ways you can provide that for your employees, click here…

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