The Trouble With Inspection Tools for Oil Pipelines

Pipeline Inspection technology and equipment is very big business and with good reason, pipeline spills cost companies financially and destroy reputations fast – investing in pipeline software, remote monitoring, and spill prevention is smart business for all concerned. Despite the huge financial investments into these pipeline monitoring systems, spills still do happen such as the one along the California Highway 101, where 100,000 gallons of crude oil spilled along the coast and into the Pacific Ocean.

Spills happen for a number or reasons, and with new advanced technology, the number of spill incidents over the last decade has dropped, but the ideal acceptable number is zero. Spills happen for a number of reasons, and often due to combined issues. The spill along the coast of California has yet to be determined the cause so until then, one can only speculate. To read more about pipeline safety and spill technology, you can click here…

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