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Friday, September 18th, 2015

The Radiodetection RD7100 is a geophysical surveying instrument that’s powered by their most advanced locating technologies. It’s used in locating, tracing, identifying and fault-finding in relation to underground cables, pipes and drains. Each model is optimized for a specific industry (telecoms, water, gas, power, petrochem, etc.), so users benefit from the simplicity of having menu options and capabilities matched to their specific requirements. Some of these industry-specific customer requirements may include detecting and pinpointing underground utilities, scanning for buried utilities before excavation, tracing and differentiating specific target utilities, or improving work practices (e.g. providing proof of work, identifying training needs, ensuring high quality of work). Some of the RD7100’s main features are the Guidance mode (which enables the path of a single utility to be found and traced quickly and the display of directional information alongside proportional distance to help locate the utility and keep the user on its path) and Peak+ mode (which allows users to add either Guidance or Null arrows to the accuracy of Peak mode and results in speed combined with accuracy). They’ve also kept their user interface simple and consistent with their previous precision locators to reduce retraining costs. Being able to accurately mark buried assets ensures minimum downtime during repair or maintenance activities and prevents damage which can be costly to the company as well as its clients.

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