Study Maps Hundreds Of Methane Gas Leaks Under Streets In L.A. Region

Methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere, has been detected by the environment group, Environmental Defense Fund, leaking in 250 locations in the Greater Los Angeles region. The organization outfitted a Google street view mapping car with motioning equipment, and after analyzing their findings with scientists from Colorado State University, shared their results with the Southern California Gas Co.

Traditionally, utilities focus their attention repairing leaks that threat public safety, but that is changing as public awareness increases regarding these leaks that contribute to global warming. Southern California Gas said that when they went to investigate the leaks the Environmental Defense Fund found, 40-50% of the leaks did not correlate to actual leaks and may have been indications of methane gas from other sources. The gas company also said that they did find leaks they were not aware of and that needed to be repaired immediately. You can read more here…

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