Santa Barbara Spill: U.S. Pipelines Need Better Safety Testing

In Santa Barbara, an underground pipeline ruptured and spilled approximately 105,000 gallons of oil that spilled across nine miles of wildlife and beaches. Plains All American Pipeline was responsible for this operation, and it is worth nothing that his company has the fifth worst safety record of the 1,700 oil companies that operate in the USA. Pipeline accidents are common, with over 100 significant spills yearly, and that number does not include the smaller ones resulting from cracks and breaks in the pipelines.

Pointing the finger at these accidents that cost billions of dollars in damage and destroy the health and well being of people and wildlife, is the fact the oil industry seems to be more concerned with profits then the safety of the public who live in close proximity to their pipelines. Also contributing is poor emergency plans, response time and government oversight. In March, federal regulators proposed the Hazardous Liquids Integrity Verification Process, which would require safety testing of almost half the nation’s pipelines – the oil and pipeline industries are lobbying against this. To read more about this environmental concern, please click here…

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