Relieving Pipeline Congestion

One of the most important revenue and efficiency factors that oil and natural gas operations need to prioritize is to ensure pipeline performance by checking issues like congestion do not interrupt flow assurance or drilling/transporting operations. Any disruption in the process could lead to major losses in both profit and efficiency, so a proper investment in studying safety and reliability is paramount.

There are 3 common issues when it comes to pipeline congestion: Temperature Shifts, Slugging, and Explosions. The problem with changes in temperature is that any large increase might lead to possible explosions of the substance, and any substantial decrease could cause the material to harden and form buildups/obstructions. Appropriate insulation and/or cooling systems are required to prevent these issues from causing harm to personnel/process. For the problem with Slugging, smart “pigs” are excellent tools to help with the inspection, maintenance or repair or pipelines. To avert explosions, water mitigation systems (for offshore operations) and water curtains (onshore) are used to cool down overheating systems. Read the full article here…


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