Ready, Set, Wait: 10 Factors For Construction Owners To Consider Before Implementing Drones

Many commercial companies are anxious to get the FAA to approve drones for their use, and while they wait there has been a new industry that has opened up called ‘Drones For Hire’, who are companies who have gotten FAA exemptions to fly drones for industries who desire Ariel photography of properties or jobs in progress. Along with Drones For Hire are lawyers who are helping businesses win FAA exemptions, as well as helping those who get caught illegally flying the drones.

There are dangers involved in flying drones, and along with those dangers will come the many FAA regulations designed to keep the skies safe especially around airports. There will also be regulations regarding the protection of civilians, as well as the consideration of insurance to cover any potential liabilities these drones could cause such as accidents and the fines that will result when pilots break regulations. To read what industries can expect from flying drones, and the FAA’s current approach to regulations, you can click here…

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