RD547: Two popular methods of water-leak detection in one control unit

Water leaks are not only costly to the water utility company but also to the consumer as well as the environment. The fact that water infrastructures are located underground already makes it a challenge to locate and pin-point leaks; but combine that with the fact that leaks can vary greatly in size, shape and characteristic depending on the material and surrounding geology, and you’ve got a problem that needs a range of techniques and a very versatile tool to tackle any leak in the most cost-effective way. Traditionally, two popular methods were used: acoustic and hydrogen tracer-gas. But recently, Radiodetection launched the RD547 that can do both methods of detection in a single control unit. It has three different microphones (suitable for ground measurements or attaching to pipe fittings) for acoustic methods of detection,  and a ground sensor for tracer-gas detection. The RD547 also has a color touchscreen with an LED backlight for daylight reading, Smart Mode settings to checking consistency of measurements. Click here to read the full article…


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