Radiodetection RD8100 Locator Range Keeping you on the Right Line

RD8100Campaign150pxWith the growth of the population and the increase of urbanisation, subsurface utility infrastructures are also growing denser and more complex. A new range of precision locators from Radiodetection, the RD8100, has been designed to deliver optimized precision for the damage prevention industry. At the heart of each RD8100 is a unique arrangement of five precision ground antennas with optional integrated GPS and usage logging to keep users on the right line while enabling them to ensure quality of work and operate using safe working practices. The RD8100 utilizes Power Harmonics (the use of power signals to identify the presence of multiple cables and distinguish between them) and Customized Frequencies (can be programmed by the user to customise to specific networks and can be used to trace high impedance lines such as twisted pair telecom lines or street lighting power cables when paired with Current Direction). Integrated, automatic GPS and enhanced usage logging options allow for usage pattern analysis to identify training needs or to ensure compliance with best-practice. Read the full article here…



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