Radiodetection PCM+ Pipeline Current Mapper

The Radiodetection PCM+ enables pipeline technicians to carry out preventive maintenance on pipelines giving them longer life and identifying corrosion at an earlier stage. This is just a part of Radiodetection’s commitment to protecting the environment by providing a more efficient locators or detection devices. This PCM+ System consists of a portable transmitter and a handheld locator. It uses a powerful feature set including Automatic Signal Attenuation (ASA), it accurately and easily locates and maps the pipeline even in areas in touch with other metal structures, electrical interference, or congestion, providing simultaneous measurement of PCM current (ACCA) and Voltage Gradient (ACVG). That means it eliminates the need for the operator to manually calculate and perform ‘current spans’ to determine CP currents along a pipeline. The PCM+ provide technicians with the latest in accurate, fast, and reliable pipeline current mapping tools.

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