Products To Keep Cool At The Job Site

The summer months are here, and for some that means enjoying the comfy benefits of working in an air conditioned office, but for others, it means finding ways to keep cool while working outdoors at the job site. One such product that is popular is evaporative cooling neckbands, headbands, wristbands and vests. These products have crystals that when soaked in water, will keep you cool and the water evaporates over time and then can be reused. There have also been hard-hat cooling systems that were engineered with a powered fan somehow attached to the hardhat, and at one point were very popular but lately, these are difficult to find on the market.

Another option is to create more shade for yourself, and you can do this by wearing wide brim hats and hard hats that have shade extenders and visors – this is very effective and also will protect your eyes from UV rays. For more ideas on ways to stay cool on your job site this summer, click here for the article and readers comments…

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