Predictive Maintenance: Analyze Data Properly

The goal of any plant owner is to maximize profits while minimizing expenditures and consistent, and proper maintenance of the plants equipment is key to prolonging the lifetime of the equipment and minimizing expensive replacements. There are two types of maintenance a plant manager needs to be concerned with: reactive and preventive. Reactive deals with actions taken to fix immediately a failure of equipment or hazardous incident, and preventative deals with the constant monitoring and upkeep of equipment through regular inspections, debugging and part replacement.

Preventive maintenance is generally more expensive then reactive maintenance, but in the long term, maybe the better approach as plant shut-downs due to equipment failure is expensive too – so a company has to determine what approach works best for their business structure. Having a good maintenance plan for any business will help manage expenses and to find out key components of an effective maintenance plan, you can click here…

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