Precision Auger Boring

Installing pipelines can be a very daunting task. It requires precision familiarity and calculated decisions since the risks involved are simply too great. Columbia Gas is the largest utility in the state of Ohio with a clientele of about 1.4 million in both residential and commercial users. Last summer, this company had a very challenging project in front of them, and recruited the help of Miller Pipeline Corp. to install a pipeline through an existing line in Columbus across a 280-foot main gas line and had to cross the heavily travelled I-71. The project required precision drilling and the team has decided to do an auger boring method over the horizontal direct drilling. Due to the nature of the area, a trenchless method was necessary. Any wavering in the straight line could be very risky and might cause the operation to stop. Ground conditions were studied and precise auger boring was recommended as the best method to use. Ray Kennedy, the supervisor on the job, knew they only had one chance, and that if they failed the entire project would have to be shut down. They needed a clear view of the bore path so they used an On Target Steering System, a guidance system so they would be able to track what the rig was doing at all times. Read the full article here


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