For more than 80 years, Furmanite has been providing pipeline companies with sophisticated engineered products and superior services with the topmost quality standard in achieving maximum asset uptime for clients. They improve system reliability and pipeline safety for (Hot Tap) branch connections. Their Furmanite Split Mechanical Pipeline Repair Clamps can be installed to pipe sections while under pressure and can contain these damaged or leaking sections quickly and effectively. Furmanite also supplies both Composite Repair Wrap Sleeve and Welded Pipeline Sleeves which can be installed onto existing pipeline to increase structural integrity and long term reliability for pipes that have suffered damage during installation, nearby construction, wall thinning or localized surface corrosion/pitting. Piping and Pipeline Reinforcing Saddles, Full Encirclement Saddles, and Reinforcing Pads are available options for reinforcing and stabilizing existing pipeline branch connections or new Hot Tap branch designs. For situations where welding is impossible or undesirable, Furmanite Mechanical Pipe End Connectors and Flanged End Connectors can be used to provide a safe connection process on pipelines with leaking gas or with the existence of any flammable environment. Read more about it here

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