Pipeline News: The future of intelligent pigging services to expand

A pipeline infrastructure is the most strategic and efficient method for countries/governments and companies to transport liquids and gases across huge distances. The increase of investments in such assets also represent a greater need for maintenance and troubleshooting methods. One way to protect this investment is to do maintenance with the use of intelligent pigging tools. A pig is a device that is inserted in pipelines where it travels together with the product (gas or oil) to do specific tasks within the pipelines. According to Future Market Insight (FMI), intelligent pigging services market is set to increase up to $826.5 million in 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% over a 10-year period starting in 2015. They have also analyzed the key trends in the market (including the growing demand for small pigs and long-term contracts with OEMs/vendors) as well as key factors (including growth of the global oil and gas industry, stringent government regulations, and advancement in pipeline inspection technology). Read the full article here…


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