Pipeline Installation Process

Once signatures are completed in the pipeline paperwork, the first thing the pipeline company will do is to survey your property. They often use an estimated linear feet/the length of ROW (Right-of-Way) until a full commitment can be gained for the installation, and to find out how much will be paid and the temporary workspace required. After that, it is necessary to clear the ROW of any crop or timber. The next step is to remove the topsoil and subsoil and keep them separately since they will be replaced after the installation. The pipeline is then positioned on boards just above the subsoil and a trench is dug and filled with a layer of gravel to keep the┬ápipeline steady. Once the pipeline is lowered onto the gravel base, a number of safety checks are conducted and then the topsoil and subsoil are replaced. It is important to seek legal advice when drafting a detailed construction and reclamation plan for your ROW paperwork to address safety issues and proper reclamation. Read the full article here…


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