Pipeline Inspector Warns of Keystone Leaks

Evan Vokes had been working as an engineer for TransCanada for five years but was dismissed from his job for filing a report against the company with federal regulators after his concern for their inferior repair and construction practices were disregarded. The Keystone XL pipeline owned by TransCanada traverses Canada and will cross US soil to brings its load of tar sands oil to Texas for export. The company has also had several pipeline incidents where millions of liters of the toxic material have leaked, destroying forests and wildlife. The Keystone XL pipeline is currently waiting for a go-signal from the government to commence construction, but Texans are now expressing their apprehensions about the project due to what they have observed with regards to frequent repairs on the pipeline. This has made them question the pipeline safety practices of the company and want to urge President Obama to vote “No” on the proposal. Read more about it here…


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