Pipeline inspection technique

A new technology is helping the construction and repair of pipelines become more accurate and less costly. Nowadays, the urban sprawl and growing population in major cities has increasing demand to construct better water and sewer pipes as well as ensuring pipeline safety in aging ones. The use of the new teleinspection technology such as robotic CCTV crawlers, pushrod portable systems, laser profiling and sonar profiling helps in construction, maintenance, repair and planning for pipeline infrastructure. CCTV crawlers allow inspection and surveying of installations with the use of 3D Optoscanner that can capture and convert images into a 360 degree image. Laser profiling compliments the CCTV by profiling images using split laser technology under normal light conditions to determine damages inside the pipe assets. Lastly, sonar profiling systems allows inspection of pipes that are submerged underwater. These technologies helps to make inspections, repairs and planning more accurate, reliable and less prone to human error. To read more about the technology, click here

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