Outdoor Workers Receive Water Rest And Shade Safety Training

In San Antonio, Texas, the Association Of General Contractors asked that OSHA present their Water, Rest and Shade Safety training to their members. Summer is here and along with that comes health ailments from dehydration and heat exposure. Construction workers have the most challenging jobs in regards to safety, and considering that an average worker can work as many as 12 hours a day outside, the elements can take their toll if precautions are not taken.

One of the most obvious precautions a worker can take is to stay hydrated and that means drinking plenty of water – ice tea, soda, ice coffee does not count and in fact, these types of drinks contribute to dehydration and do not hydrate as some may think. Taking time out for a shade break is very important, and keeping an eye on co-workers for signs of heat exhaustion also helps. To read the complete article about keeping cool and safe in hot weather, you can click here…

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