NoPig: A New Inspection Technique For Non-Piggable Pipelines

The NoPig technique has been developed as a supplement/alternative for inspecting unpiggable pipelines around the world (including the thousands of kilometers found in Europe), which require some non-destructive evaluation techniques that can be applied without inserting inspection tools into the pipelines. Some of the other indirect techniques like DC voltage gradient or current mapping can only be used externally because they can detect coating damages but are unable to gather information regarding metal loss. The NoPig technique, which comprises of the measurement and analysis of the surrounding magnetic field induced by the AC current passed through the inspected pipeline from a special source, performed significantly higher than existing corrosion detection methods and could also detect metal loss. It has been used in experiments with natural and artificial metal loss defects under field and laboratory conditions, and has been successfully implemented across Europe and overseas for gas, oil and fuel pipelines. Click here for the full article…


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