New Low Friction Coating Allows Grease-free Lubrication And Corrosion Protection

The never ending job of maintaining your plant’s equipment is probably one of the most important things you can do to prolong the lifetime of this equipment; which in the end, saves time and money. Parts of machinery will wear quickly if there is friction between the metal surfaces, and lubricant and functional oils help; however, over time these lubricants and oils will form lumps and resin buildups and then more maintenance is required to clean and re-grease these parts.

A new ‘functional coating product’ researched and produced at the Leibniz Institute For New Materials (IMN), is eliminating the need for the use of oils and grease on plant equipment, while at the same time protects against corrosion. This product was presented by INM, along with other results at the TechConnect World Trade Fair in Washington DC, and you can read more about how this new technology for equipment maintenance works by clicking here…

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