New “Locatable Rope” from 3M’s Electronic Marker System Enables Better Detection of Plastic Pipes

3M is proud to announce a new Locatable Rope that offers better detection than the current industry standard. The Electronic Marker System (EMS) 7000 series uses proprietary 3M path marking technology that delivers accurate and reliable tracking of underground plastic pipe and fiber optic conduit – the EMS Rope 7000 Series offers superior detection of problems commonly faced by utilities. It is easily installed alongside underground pipes and will continue to transmit a signal, even in the event of a cut or removal of a segment.

3M conducted EMS Rope field tests with a Columbia Gas of Virginia installation in Fredericksburg, Va, and the workers found the EMS Rope very easy to install, and the reliability top notch. Columbia Gas plans to install the EMS Rope in projects totaling nearly 30 miles. To read the complete release of this product and to find out more about 3M technology, please click here…

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