New Children’s Book Highlights the Demolition Industry

A new book geared towards children ages five to eight, called “My Dad Does Demolition” is hitting the book market in hopes of introducing young kids to the possibility of a career in Demolition. The idea came to John Woodward, former Institute of Demolition Engineer’s president, when he wanted to find a way to show children what demolition was about, how materials can be recycled, and most important – how safety is a priority. To help him get his ideas across, Woodward hired Mark Anthony, founder of and editor of the Demolition magazine to write the book.

One of the biggest challenges was creating content for the book that would inspire kids to further explore the possibilities of a career in the demolition industry, while at the same time – keeping kids at arms lengths so they don’t decide to explore a demolition or construction site on their own. To read more about this new kids book you can click here…

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