Mike Rowe Gave the Perfect Response After Being Accused of “Right-Wing Propaganda”

Mike Rowe, former Dirty Jobs host and current host of ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’, is also very active on Facebook promoting his foundation that provides scholarships for trade jobs, mikeroweWORKS. Rowe is a firm believer in a ‘work smart and hard’ work ethic, and he feels strongly that if a person want’s to find work they can; that there are many unfulfilled jobs in America with hiring managers expressing frustration at the lack of potential candidates for their job openings. Being outspoken about his beliefs, sometimes Rowe will get a letter criticizing him, and this time when Craig P., wrote in saying Rowe’s ‘constant harping on ‘work-ethic’ is growing tiresome’, Rowe had the perfect response.

He pointed out that as he crosses the country he has met many people that while they are hard workers most people would prefer not to work, and that today’s generation tend to not understand what it means to put in a full days work. To read the full letter to Rowe, and his full response on his Facebook page you can click here…

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