Meisner: Prevailaing Wage Is A Smart Investment

The prevailing wage law is a smart law that protects people and communities from hiring practices that include low wages for unskilled laborers. The prevailing wage law also ensures that employees that adhere to employment rules and regulations, and have the skills and certifications needed will get paid fairly which only helps the local economy. Prevailing wage has proven in states like Florida, which has not prevailing wage laws, that when untrained and undocumented workers are working at job sites that require skilled labor, usually the results are tragic – for example; a 19 year old boy was killed by a falling beam the first week on the job in Florida due to lack of training and safety measures.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Lansing Michigan, are trying to do away with the Prevailing Wage law, and if they succeed, they will also be doing away with many safety training programs that come with the law. Getting rid of the law will also mean an open market for cheap unskilled labor that will be responsible for the intrigity of many of our public buildings. To read more about this law, you can click here…

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