Managing Suspected Drug Use at the Jobsite

According to research conducted by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), the construction trade ranks the highest among different professions when it comes to heroin use (with a 3.25 standard deviation from the average rate of abuse/dependence). Also, the drugs prescribed to relieve a construction worker’s back pain or any sustained injury, for example, can be extremely addictive. This, coupled with the fact that construction sites now use more technology and heavy machinery to save on work and costs, makes having an opiate-impaired employee around the construction site an extremely dangerous situation. The challenge is detecting crew members who are taking heroin or illegal prescription drugs, and what stage they are cycling through (under the influence or in withdrawal). It is also important to be able to know how to handle these employees and assist them in getting help. Certainly, turning a blind eye is not an option with all the lives that are at stake. To read more about it, click here…


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