KWA may use helium gas technology to detect leaks

Kerala Water Authority (KWA) will be replacing the Smart Ball and Sahara technology it used previously with helium gas technology to detect leaks in its age-old drinking water distribution network. This helium gas technology involves injecting the inert, non-toxic gas into the live pipeline and the dissolved helium is expected to find its way to the ground surface if there are leaks in the pipeline. The path of the line will be traced along the ground using sensors to measure helium concentration. The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) will be replacing costly leak detection tests with this helium gas technology where the cost for testing a metre line is only around Rs.80 compared to Rs.6.5 lakh for one Smart Ball and Rs.1,000 for scanning one metre using Sahara. Some of its other advantages also include the fact that the line no longer needs to be shut down and the test can also be used in small distribution lines made of any material. A team from KWA is set to visit Mumbai to get a first-hand account of the leak detection tests that have already been conducted.

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