John Deere: Born In Vermont, Raised In America

John Deere is an American household word that began in 1837 when John Deere set up shop in Grand Detour offering his customers small tools which he manufactured himself. Deere & Company originally started selling pitchforks and shovels, but what secured the company for years to come was the self-scouring steel plow that made the Midwestern farmers job so much easier over the iron or wooden plows being used at the time. Today Deere & Company employees over 62,000 worldwide.

John Deere was not only a pioneer when it came to farm equipment, but he also was a pioneer when it came to business ideas. In the early 20th century it was normal for customers to order the equipment, wait for it to be manufactured, and then the product would be delivered. Deere saw this as slow and created a more viable business model where the product was manufactured first and then the customer made their purchase. This allowed business to be conducted quickly and the customer could see what they were buying ahead of time. To read more about the interesting and rich history of this American icon, you can click here…

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