Is feminism the next frontier in construction?

No doubt about it, women are in the minority when it comes to the world of construction (they make up only 2.6% of the total population employed by the industry). And what’s worse is that the few who are engaged in the trade still face issues of harassment and sexism. But a change seems to be in the air and the tides are turning in the women’s favor. Initiatives are underway to encourage more children (especially girls) to become interested in fields related to STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) starting from elementary. There is a real need to bridge the gap between the women who are starting out in their careers and those that have been in the industry for decades. The women are called to be more proactive when it comes to what they want, and the cooperation between different genders are fostered. This is to increase diversification in the workforce, which will in turn improve company culture and the bottom line. Read the full article here…


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