Introduction To The Constitution Pipeline

The Constitution Pipeline is a major transmission pipeline project scheduled to begin construction in 2015 and will connect Appalachian natural gas supplies in northern Pennsylvania with major northeastern markets. Estimated completion time for this project is for the winter of 2015 or 2016 and it is anticipated that a total of 1,300 jobs will be created with 25 percent of the workforce hired locally.

It is interesting to learn how a pipeline is actually constructed – the workings go much like an assembly line with the project being broken down into spreads. Each spread is worked on by specialized teams each with a specific task, and when their work is complete, they move onto the next spread; following one group and spread after another until the job is complete. The tasks involved range from early stages such as pre-construction survey and clearing and grading, to final tasks such as pipe stringing and pipe welding and coating. Engineers have worked diligently to design the Constitution Pipeline in such a way to minimize residential and agricultural lands impact. The restoration of the lands that will be effected will done in a manner to ensure as close to original condition as possible. To read more about the Constitution Pipeline; the planning and effects of the pipeline on surrounding environments as well as economical factors, you can click here…

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