How To Properly Train CCTV Operators

Your equipment is only as good as the person operating it, and so when it comes to your CCTV inspection program, your CCTV operator can make or break your inspection program depending on how well they are trained to use the equipment. The first step to take in ensuring a competent CCTV operator is during the hiring process, and that is where you will see to it that the candidate has the innate skills, the learned skills, and the attitude to make it as a successful CCTV operator.

When you have made your decision regarding the candidate you will hire, don’t make the common mistake of putting them in positions of high responsibility too soon – patience is key here and it is more ideal to put your new CCTV operator in a position of support for six months to a year to guarantee adequate training for your operator. To read more about how you can have a highly trained CCTV operator in your organization, you can click here…

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