How surveys help us develop a safe pipeline project

With their Energy East Pipeline project coming up soon, TransCanada will continue to adapt the same approach they’ve taken in previous projects. That means they take on environmental stewardship or the responsibility for their environmental impacts and conducting field studies that help them identify and mitigate the potential effects the project may have on the environment. Field studies play an important role in every project that’s being undertaken because the knowledge gained through them allows the development of proper design and engineering plans, and the appropriate mitigation measures to minimize the impact that construction and operations of projects may have on the environment. The company even filed a 20,000-page application with the National Energy Board in October 2014, which contained a detailed ‘Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment’ based on multiple studies of environmental experts and consultants including geotechnical surveys and studies on soils, vegetation, wildlife, archeological resources or wetlands- just to name a few. TransCanada has conducted due diligence and connected with communities in the area because they are serious about their commitment to develop the project’s safety and sustainability for the environment. To read more about it, click here

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