High-tech wind alert system keeps construction debris from plummeting

Weather can be a real problem in construction especially in Calgary. A strong gust of wind could send debris to the ground and hit innocent people. But construction companies are thankful now that they can secure materials before the strong winds hit.
Calgary City now has an electronic wind warning system officially known as the Advanced Weather Forecasting System that sends contractors height-and site-specific information on how wind gusts will hit and impact their construction project and send forecasts of heavy wind gusts through e-mail alerts. Before this technology was introduced, fatalities have been recorded of debris plummeting and hitting civilians on the ground. Now with this forecast system, construction companies can now secure their materials long before bad weather can hit them and prevent serious damage to lives and properties.
Calgary’s weather this summer reported tornadoes inside and outside the city. Such strong and powerful wind can send construction debris flying into the air and landing on people’s houses, animals and people too. Since the introduction of the new system there have been fewer serious calls about construction debris being blown and landing way off site. To read the full article, click here


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