Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was first used to survey the depth of a glacier in Austria in 1929 and since that time was put in the back burner. After about 20 years or so, when the U.S. Air Force set up bases in Greenland, they found out through an unfortunate series of plane crashes that the radar actually penetrates ice sheets and caused radar operators to misread the actual distance of the plane from the ground. During those times, GPR were mostly build your own instruments; and it wasn’t until the early 70’s that they became commercially available. The invention of digital signal processing at the start of the millennium initiated changes to its appearance to make it look closer to the way it does today.

GPR is used in a variety of applications and industries including concrete imaging, utility locating, road inspection, military and security, environmental, and archaeology since it is considered to be an effective geophysical method for non-destructively detecting and investigating the presence and continuity of subsurface objects.

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